Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lights Out

I used to sleep like a rock. For some time when I was younger my parents would block the top of the stairs with my toy chest so that when I was sleep walking I wouldn’t fall down the stairs. In high school I couldn’t get enough sleep. I would come home from school, open up my books to do homework on the floor (my favorite study place) and find myself drooling on my books. Now sleep is in small spurts. I know there are others who have worse sleep habits than I do, but I must say I’m not the sleeper I used to be. I miss my sleep walking days.

My husband goes to bed pretty much in an instant. I’m jealous. When he wakes up it doesn’t take him 2 hours to actually feel awake. He has his morning cup of coffee…and is off to conquer the world of crazy freshmen, Crossfitters, wrestlers, and shot putters. He always tells me, “Just close your eyes and pretend to sleep.” Ummm no.

My typical sleep habits are to stay up pretty late watching ridiculous television shows like Real Housewives of Orange County and Millionaire Matchmaker. I can feel myself getting less and less intelligent by the minute. Maybe that helps though, because one of my problems is I’m always thinking too much about various things…so much that it keeps me awake.

I’ve recently had the joy of waking up at about 4:30 every morning and staying awake for 2 hours or so. I finally fall back to sleep a while after Danny leaves for work. I then sleep until about 10. I know that sounds late to everyone, but I make up for my day in the evening. The other night my friend texted me asking what I was doing, I replied roasting potatoes. It was 11 pm.

Danny just purchased yet another book from Amazon. It’s called Lights Out. He said it was for me to read. Of course I already know this, but one of its main points is that the bedroom needs to be pitch black. Danny keeps saying we need to buy black out curtains for our screen doors…but then I would have to sew them to the back of my pretty curtains…and that sounds like a lot of work to me.

Perhaps I will come across a sleep revelation after reading Lights Out. If I do I will share with my fellow sleepless friends. I think I’ll start reading Lights Out after we get back from our trip. I’ll need to replace the light bulb in the lamp on my night stand, that way I can see... as I stay up all night reading a book on how I should be sleeping and not reading a book at that moment


  1. I have a hard time sleeping too... and that stinks when you have a baby who doesn't sleep well either... haha.
    Let me know if the book helps!