Saturday, June 12, 2010

Check lists

Lately, I’ve been lacking inspiration (blogspiration as I like to call it) for my blog. I usually write about random happenings in my silly life, but lately nothing blog worthy has occurred. I was discussing my writer’s block with my friend, Casie, and she suggested a series. With a series I would always have something to write about. I have considered a “series” blog before, as my coworker/friend/blogging buddy, Sharon, has become a blogging master in a short time, thanks to her interesting series. I’m sure that more random happenings will occur shortly, and I will write about them, but a series will give me something to keep my writer’s block at bay.

To write a series I must consider my likes and dislikes. It must be something I do fairly often and won’t get tired of. I’ve considered a cooking blog, but I’m no Julie Powell cooking my way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking. There’s too much sugar in her recipes for Danny’s health psyche anyways. I could write about bike riding, but there are no words to describe its amazingness. I could write about travels, but I already do, and I can’t afford a vacation every week. I could make a workout blog, but that would bore me and everyone who reads this blog besides Danny, to death.

Something that never bores me to death is list making. I’ve always loved lists. Short lists, medium lists, and life lists. I enjoy grocery lists, honey do lists, workout lists, calorie intake lists, and Christmas lists. I often make check lists for just an average day. I probably don’t even need reminding of the tasks at hand, but it feels good to write them down on some polka dotted paper and cross them off one by one. An example of a very boring daily list that I would need no reminding of looks something like this:


Sleep in






Bike ride


Cook dinner



There is no need to worry, I will not be blogging about my daily lists. I will be blogging about my list of life goals. I have decided to make a bucket list. Not a morbid, I’m going to die soon list, but a happy goal making list!

There are so many things in life I want to achieve, and so far I’m doing pretty well with those things. I think a little encouragement from cyber space will give me the extra push I need to accomplish my goals. Plus it will be exciting to write about all that is involved in checking off the items on my list.

So here goes.

Jessica’s Bucket List

Run a 5k

Hike Half Dome

Go fly fishing and wear those goofy pants

Knit a hat

Get a master’s degree in some sector of nursing

Travel to Paris

Learn to make Sushi

Deadlift 200 lbs

Travel to New York

Kayak in the ocean

Backpack the Ohlone Trail

Start a blog

Own a chinchilla

Sew my own dress

Eat a lobster roll in Maine

Ride bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge

Obviously there are other things in life that I would like to accomplish like have children, own a cranberry bog, and live on a small ranch with some farm animals, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I also have professional goals and more personal goals in life.  However exciting those parts of my life are to me, writing about work is not what I intended this blog to be about, and no one wants to hear about how much I want my 401k to be worth when I retire.

Bucket list rules are as follows:

As I am continually inspired by life, I can always make additions to my list.

If something disastrous happens like I contract a horrible debilitating disease ... or it turns out I am allergic to chinchillas, then I can take away from my list.

I will put forth great effort into accomplishing these goals and any additions I make before life passes by…

If anyone has any exciting suggestions that are bucket list worthy, leave a comment and perhaps I will add it to my list.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Years ago, I read a book called "Write it down, make it happen". You keep a book of goals for your life, adding and taking away as necessary. You read the list every once in awhile and your subconscious works on the goals for you. Amazingly, this technique works.
    Hike Half Dome soon as they may close the trail forever in the future. Get your master's in creative writing, not nursing.
    Thanks for the compliment!