Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On October

My blog has been lacking, I know. In an effort to come up with more blog ideas (because I can’t go on a vacation every week) I asked my friend Casie for some. She came up with  multiple good ones and this blog happens to be one of them. Every month I will review my favorite dress, activity, nap, food, and irk of that particular month. I know we are in November now, but bear with me, October was busy.

Favorite Dress: The Peppermint Dress.

A shy moment

I found this dress on LuLus.com in the sale section and immediately purchased it.  It was an internet impulse buy. The dress has a fifties look with a modern day print. The main reason I bought it was for the print. It is covered in peppermint candies. Everyone likes peppermint. Because I am a people pleaser, I couldn’t pass it up. I wore the dress to my friend Amanda’s wedding, paired with some opaque grey tights, some black heels that I should probably learn to walk in, and a sparkly grey leaf patterned headband. My favorite October dress has the perfect amount of retro sweetness that I enjoy.

Me and Casie

Favorite Activity: Costume Party

Lucy Impostor

My friend, Melisa, had a Halloween party at her cute little Ripon residence. I Love Lucy was my favorite show as a child, so what better person to be than Lucille Ball. I splurged on a wig, which can be used for a future Wilma Flintstone costume if I so choose, and found a costume titled “50’s Housewife.” I put on some red lipstick and made Lucy faces all night. Danny found some old PE Coach clothing at the high school where he works, put on a dirty blond mullet wig and called it a day. A creepy day. The party was great. You never know what is going to happen when a ninja turtle, a modern day witch (riding a Swiffer instead of a broom), and a day of the dead doll are your friends.

What a silly group

The dead don't smile

Favorite Nap: The Rainy Day Nap: October 17, 2010

May it be written in the history books that I, Jessica Lehr, slept  from 8 am to 3 pm on the 17th day of October, the year of 2010 and it was amazing. Before you call me lazy, I work nights. I had worked the night before and was particularly sleepy. The fall weather finally kicked in. It was a drizzly overcast day that when coupled with 12 hours of caring for tiny babies prior, makes for some wondrous sleep.

Favorite Food: Roasted Butternut Squash


I already wrote about this here: http://myslightlysillyworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/adventures-in-cooking-roasted-butternut.html. It was so good I made it three other times and saved very little for Danny.

Favorite Irk: Endless Political phone calls.


Elections. Yuck. Not only am I not too thrilled about voting this year (don’t worry I did) but the ads, junk mail, and phone calls are by far more frequent than previous years. This past Saturday I had 7 missed phone calls from Republicans and Democrats alike. The teachers and nurses unions love our household, but I do not love them when they wake me up. I suppose turning off my ringer would be a logical fix, but someone important like work might call and it’s my phone I shouldn’t have to turn it off to avoid hearing both Meg and Jerry’s annoying voices. Luckily it’s Election Day and this will all be over soon.


  1. yay for the mention, but u love fallen angels/fairies as well!

  2. Thanks Korinda, I'm so glad you like it!

    Casie, I know there were too many costumes to list, but I do love fallen fairy angels as well!

  3. All fun stuff, except the phone calls. Who really listens to them anyway?