Friday, April 29, 2011

March of Dimes

My silly and slightly premature godson, Ryan.
 (Posted with permission from his Mommy)

I really like babies. I like them for many reasons. I like that that are mini versions of us big people (to be honest I like mini things in general horses etc).

I like that babies don't talk back. Babies don't smoke. Babies don't have bad health habits.

They may cry a little, but it's usually for a reasonable reason such as hunger or poopy pants. I would cry if my pants were poopy too. They also cry when we nurses poke and prod them with needles. I also think I would cry if a nurse poked and prodded me with a needle.

Babies are generous with their love. They pretty much love anyone with milk, a cuddly arm, or a sweet song. Sure they may have a favorite (usually mom or their favorite nurse, who can feed and burp them just right) but in general, they aren't too picky.

Although I wouldn't wish a preterm baby on any mother in the world, I love them so. Their all over peach fuzz (lanugo) creates this uncontrollable sigh deep within my soul. The fact that even the smallest micro,  24 week gestation, infant can grasp his little hand around my pinkie melts my heart....even if it is just a reflex.

For myself, taking care of teeny tiny babies is a dream come true. However, there are times when it is heartbreaking. If these little micro mini human beings could stay inside their moms for even one extra week, it could make the ultimate difference between life and death.

I am walking for the March of Dimes because I love the little babies that I care for and I believe that we can make the ultimate difference.

If you feel like donating to an awesome cause click here:

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