Monday, May 2, 2011

A Birthday Blog

If you are keeping track, add another hatch mark to your keepsake journal folks. As of this Tuesday, I'm another year older.

Last year's birthday celebration

I'm still using my anti wrinkle cream...not sure if it's working. In addition to my wrinkles, I've noticed I'm getting spider veins now. Who gets spider veins in their 20s? Either people who age prematurely or people who are on their feet for 12 hours at a time (one of the less grand aspects of being a nurse).

I've also noticed I'm developing a few more old lady tendencies. For example, I've been frequenting the restaurant Mimi's. What does Mimi's have to do with an advanced age you may ask? Well to start it's decor is ridiculously old lady cute...New Orleansly French Quarter-esque is how I would describe it.  Mimi's also has amazing salads and soups ( I don't know if that's an old person thing, I just wanted to throw that in there). Whenever I go there, I find myself not surrounded by my peers, but by an abundance of cute little grandmas.  I've discovered that lunching at places that cater to old ladies, such as Mimi's, is to my advantage. You can hear what the person across from you is saying, the booths are cushiony, and the bathrooms are clean. Also, if you order some complicated, "dressing on the side, extra avocado, no cheese" type of item, they get it right....because all of their clientele order this way.

Speaking of hearing at a restaurant, I think my hearing is least in my right ear.  I can no longer eavesdrop on the quietest of conversations from across a room. I find myself saying, "What?" quite frequently.

On my nights off work, I've been going to bed at 8:00 pm. 8:00 pm is an 80 year old's bedtime.

I'm also eating half a grapefruit with my breakfast every morning. Grapefruits are an old person fruit. In fact I'm pretty sure my grandma had a grapefruit with her breakfast every morning.

I upped my 401k contributions this year because I am in fact, getting older.

The tried and true sign of ageing is when technology starts to fluster you. I fall into this category. Recently, Danny downloaded Google Chrome to be our new internet browser and tried explaining it's awesomeness to me. I quickly grew weary of learning this new browsing method and switched mine back to the lesser, but more comfortable, Internet Explorer.

Besides the hearing loss and spider veins, getting old isn't so bad. I'm really enjoying my morning grapefruit routine and my retirement funds are looking awfully pretty.

I might even be getting better with age. I can run a 5k, something I couldn't do last year. This year I perfected the art of roasting a whole chicken, something last year in my young naivety, I could not have accomplished. Believe me this is exciting, it takes more than a Betty Crocker cookbook and some poultry seasoning to make a delicious bird.

If running a 5k and perfecting the art of cooking a tasty chicken doesn't make me wiser then I don't know what does. I'm like a fine wine or the jar of homemade sour kraut fermenting in our fridge as we speak....

So bring it on Father Time, me, my 401k, and my half a grapefruit are ready.


  1. How are you getting wrinkles already? It sounds to me like your stressing over nothing. It's in your mind!

  2. (I'm not really, just being silly)

  3. It's hard to tell when women are joking. Your gender scares me : /

  4. Pretty much if it sounds ridiculous, I'm joking. Don't be scared!

  5. No matter how old you are I will always think you are young. And yes, Mimi's is awesome.

  6. Like fine wine gets better with age!

  7. You are sure a hag. Your dad and I were just
    talking about how old you look!