Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On December

Some time in 2010, my creativeness slowly started diminishing. In an effort to increase blog postage I said that once a month I would write about 5 things: My favorite dress, favorite activity, favorite recipe, favorite nap, and favorite irk. Here's the first one I ever wrote:  That lasted for about 3 months, then my writing ADD took me else where. Well, you're in luck folks, I'm bringing it back (until I change my mind again). I hope you enjoy my synopsis of December 2011.

Favorite Dress: Cobalt Blue Sequin Dress

Me and my friend Emily in our formal wear.

Remember when I was obsessed with dresses: Dress to Impress? I've calmed down a bit on the dress wearing. Not that I don't love them any less, however I've been working out like a mad woman and living in Lycra....gasp. I might of only wore one dress in December, but it would of been my favorite anyways. I wore this cobalt, blue, sequined dress to our annual Crossfit Excel Christmas party. I found the dress at Express and could not avert my eyes from it's shininess. I've been a bit of a sequin kick lately. Danny wore his blue dress shirt (one of two dress shirts he owns) and we looked almost as sweet as we did on our very first date (my junior prom).

One of many prom poses.

Favorite Activity: Wined and Dined at the Nutcracker Ballet in San Francisco.

Danny and his Oly coach, Jon, decided to do something really sweet for their wives (both named Jessica...which got really confusing). They took us to the Nutcracker Ballet in San Francisco. I have a small confession to make. I love Christmas, but sometimes it makes me a little depressed. No matter how sweetly I decorate the tree, no matter if I have to work or not, and no matter how many times I drive around looking at the beautiful Christmas lights, it's still never quite as magical as when I was a kid. It makes me miss my childhood....not that there is anything wrong with my adulthood, but I think we can all agree, being a kid was awesome. This really sweet random act of kindness was the perfect activity to shake off my Christmas blues. The wining and dining consisted of wraps and waters from the San Ramon Safeway. The boys had good dining intentions, but we were running late. The freeway dining was, believe it or not, quite comical and probably better than any fancy restaurant in the city. The ballet was breathtaking. The building itself was so beautiful I let out a little gasp when we entered. There was even fake snow falling from the sky as we entered. The Snow Flake Dance had to be the most breathtaking of them all. When the ballet was over we hurried to the car and all four of us practiced our ballet moves. It was quite the sight to see, a couple of big time weight lifters doing pirouettes. I think I might have felt that same Christmas magic as I did when I was a child.

Favorite Recipe:  Dill Mustard Pork Chops

I'm going to be posting this delicious recipe soon....just know that it makes a boring pork chop amazing.

Favorite Nap: Christmas Afternoon Nap

Tayler enjoying his Christmas nap

I knew I was going to take a nap at some point on Christmas. I had to prep my body for a long night at work. Little did I know, that this would be the nap of all naps for the month of December. We went to my parent's for Christmas breakfast and it was nothing but lovely. Eggs, biscuits, sausage, bacon, hot chocolate, mimosas, and blueberry cream cheese bread pudding, all made for quite the feast. My gluttonous and gluten filled Christmas meal made me very sleepy. It made me so sleepy that I took a two and a half hour, nap, which is quite the departure from my usual pre work hour long nap. Danny slept like a little Christmas angel as well.

Favorite Irk: 99 South Traffic

The shopper's delight, Vintage Fair Mall, is on my way to work. Normally this is not a problem as I take the freeway past this mecca of over charged credit cards and pre teens. The month of December is a different story. Everyone and their mother's go to the mall to buy the latest and greatest Christmas gifts. This influx of traffic spills onto the freeway causing Christmas chaos, when all I want to do is get to work and save lives. As soon as Black Friday hits, I know I have to leave for work 5-10 minutes earlier to adjust for traffic. This does not make me happy. As soon as December 26th comes around I breathe a sigh of relief. An extra 5-10 minutes at home is always appreciated.

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