Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dutch Happenings: Grocery Store

Just to prove that Ripon is very Dutch, I took pictures of some Dutch things I stumbled upon at the only grocery store in town.

Windmills, Tulips, Blue/White Motifs: Very Dutch

I'm hoping a certain someone will get me this
 large Dutch Lady for my birthday.

To emulate the Dutch,
wear clog slippers while lounging about the house.

Made in China

Dutch towels are very absorbent.
I am the proud owner of a Dutch Towel.

No home is complete without a Dutch cheese spreader.

Amongst the various impulse buy sweets
are bags of Dutch Licorice called "Cats"

Cats are "purrfectly" delicious....
is there a Dutch feline fascination that I am unaware of?