Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On December

Favorite Dress: Red Christmas Dress

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the dress is sweet in real life.

I bought this dress almost a year and a half ago. I had plans on wearing it to Thanksgiving or Christmas last year, but I wasn't feeling it then. This Christmas had to be it, otherwise it was just going to be another article of clothing in my closet that I have bought but never worn. I bought this dress at Forever 21 ( I know I know), but I have seen it featured on Modcloth as well. The dress is made of a red cotton blend fabric and has brass buttons on the faux flaps along the waist and neckline. It is medium in length with short sleeves making it a good option for a nice family Christmas dinner. I paired the dress with thick black tights and my pointy black flats. I put a sparkly headband with some brassy colors in it, in my hair and called it a night. The dress is comfortable enough that I didn't feel restricted in my Christmas cooking endeavours, but nice enough that I got a compliment from my mom on how nice I looked. Thanks Mom!

Favorite Activity: Making Gingerbread Houses

Lindsey's on the left...Jessica's on the right

Lindsey is my childhood best friend. We have been friends since the rip old age of 3. We still see each other a couple times a month to catch up and play with her adorable twins Greyson and Connor. This month we discovered that throughout our lifelong friendship, we have never made gingerbread houses. We decided to do just that. Now Lindsey and I are modern women, so we didn't feel the need to physically bake the gingerbread. Instead of baking, we bought some gingerbread house kits at the grocery store and went to town with icing, fondant, and various candies that came in the package. It was a mess. Icing was everywhere and our houses looked nothing like the picture on the box. However big of a mess it was, it was fun:  Fun to giggle like little kids again and fun to reminisce about our days of eating frosting out of a jar.

Favorite Recipe: Orange Zest Lamb Chops

Tastes as good as it looks...maybe better.

I will type out the recipe (hopefully soon) and put up a link. Delicious!

Favorite Nap: Christmas Day Nap

It was my holiday to work Christmas Eve.  After a long but fun night with the little babies, I came home, opened presents with Danny, and went to bed. It was a gloomy day...perhaps it rained a bit (I don't know I was sleeping), which helped in my quest for the ultimate day time sleep. I also took a melatonin which I thought would help to block out the sounds of Danny's ruckus making. It turns out the melatonin/rain combo was almost too much of a good thing. I slept till 3:30 and could of slept longer, but I had to work again that night. This is the longest daytime sleep I have had and definitely a good Christmas gift from Old St. Nick.

Favorite Irk: Chapped Lips

I am addicted to ChapStick. I always have a tube of the plain or medicated kind in my purse, if for some reason it goes missing, I have a small internal break down. During the winter, my lips need extra ChapStick because of the dry air. I have also taken up running (bleh!) which contributes to the lack of moisturized lips. There is nothing worse then having dry red lips and no ChapStick. Luckily, I have about four tubes of the medicated kind and Santa brought me some fancy fruit flavored Blistex for Christmas. Santa must hate chapped lips too.