Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thoughts at 5 am

I can't sleep. So here I am at 5 am trying to squeeze a little creativity out of my brain. 5 am isn't the best time for my creative wheels to be turning, but I'm bored.

I am thinking about spring and how going to the nursery and buying a huge flat of easy to care for pansies, then planting them, is one of my favorite spring activities. The other spring activity that sends my heart fluttering is bike riding. I desperately need to ride my bike in the sunshine, through the park, and over the bridge.

I am listening to Danny snore. Danny never snores, but he is sick right now so I guess nasal congestion is his snoring exception.



 I am thinking about the spare bedroom's white walls and how they are thirsting for some color.

On our list of our American City tour is Philadelphia. We are going there this summer. I can't wait to run up the Philadelphia Museum of Art's steps like Rocky did, pretend to ring the Liberty Bell, and eat a Philly cheese steak sandwich.

That's about as many streams of consciousness one blog can handle.

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