Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Days of blogging: Day 12

day 12- write a poem to someone you love

I have two not so secretive facts to share with you. The first is that I am not very romantic, in fact I believe Danny once told me I was the least romantic person in the world. That might be an exaggeration, but it is true that I don't spend all day writing sonnets and baking heart shaped cookies.

The second secret it that I used to write funny poems for my friends. I would make them rhyme and they would have hilarious inside jokes sprinkled throughout. They were goofy...not romantic. I did write one for Danny for his birthday a few years ago. It is probably the least funny poem I have ever written, but it has the word love in it, so I guess it qualifies as romantic. I wrote this poem in lieu of a birthday present, because we were saving up money to buy our lovely abode.

I Love you Danny Boy

By Jessie Lehr

This poem may not be what you want…

But I put it in a very nice font.

It may not be very funny…

But we are trying to save a little money!

My Danny boy, you are sweeter than honey.

When you are around, I get very happy, I sure do…

I get so excited, I sometimes annoy you.

But you see, I just can help it, I love you so much…

I’d even love you if you were Dutch.

You make me laugh, you make me smile…

I’d hike up a mountain for you mile after mile…

(Even if I had to take a million breaks to catch my breath)

I’d do it for you, my former Kelley brother’s chef!

The best decision of my life was choosing you to marry.

(Plus I got the bonus of your great beard: so HAIRY!)

I’ll love you always, this I know is true.

Danny boy, I’m so in love with you

Three little notes about this silly poem. This poem was written in 2008ish. I like how even then, I was on to the Dutch. Danny used to work at Kelley Brothers as a cook in high school. I need to remind him of this when I am tired of making dinner all the time. I love Danny's beard. It looks nice on him. Without it he looks 12.

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