Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 4

Day 4: A habit you wish you didn't have

The bad habit list could potentially be very long. From minor things like drinking too much coffee to major things like my chaotic organization style, there are many habits I would like to change. However to err is human right? Last time I checked, I was very human. I'm working on the coffee and the organization. One habit I have that is very hard for me to break is my self confidence or lack there of.

I will always think I should be smarter, funnier, prettier, thinner, kinder, gentler, more aggressive, more understanding, more domestic, more independent, stronger, faster, more energized, more organized, less involved, more involved, more tenacious, more Dutch, and more loving than I am. 

Now I want to go throw up from that little soul exposing exercise. Feelings are so mushy.


  1. More Dutch, and less what?

  2. I don't want to single out any culture, that would not be very PC. I just want to add 50% more Dutchness. That should work out mathematically right?