Monday, February 14, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 16

day 16- a picture of yourself

This 30 Days of blogging thing sure does want me to post a lot of pictures of myself.  To mix it up, here is a picture of my brother Isaac and I washing our dog Lady. I was probably in 6th grade here and going through my tom boy stage. I remember the shoes I had on were Nike's. I thought they were the coolest shoes in the world. 
Isaac's face is pretty hilarious. He was in 8th grade, if I indeed was in 6th. At this time in our lives we were almost the same height.  Sometime in high school he became really tall and I fell behind height wise. It looks like we were having a lot of fun bathing the family pet.

Lady was a boarder collie mix. My parents got her when I was on a trip to Canada with my cousin. I came home and there she was in all her  cute puppyness. My family had already named her Lady. I thought her name needed a little something more so I decided her full name was Princess Lady Oreo Penelope Grossenski the 1st.  The name never really caught on, everyone just continued to call her Lady. Every now and then I would bust out her full name. Lady was a great dog. She didn't live a very long life, maybe 8 years or so. She had a stroke or got into something poisonous (we aren't sure) and had to be put down. My mom and I cried quite a bit when she died. I'm sure my brother and dad secretly also cried. I still miss Lady. She would have gotten along well with Butch and Tayler. I hope she is having fun in pet heaven and hanging out with the various cats we had throughout my childhood: Daisy, Lilly, Peanut, Big Bird and Tellie as well as my hamster Squiggles and my mouse Stinky.

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  1. Probably 8th grade because that's when I got braces . . . Luckily I was up at school when Lady passed away so it didn't hit me quite as hard.

    But Lady is the prototypical dog in my mind.