Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Days of Blogging: Day 21

day 21-a picture of something that makes you happy

There are a bazillion things that make me happy, but the first thing that came to mind were drawer knobs. Knobs make me so very happy. I have become a collector of cute little knobs. There are no bad thoughts when you look at a blue and white polka dotted knob or little knobs that look like clocks... never. They spice up a boring desk and make my T.V cabinet look splendid. I don't spend a fortune on them so that makes me happy too. Danny rolls his eyes when I get new knobs because they don't always fit where I want them to go, but he figures it out, because they make me happy.

A painted knob on my desk

Closet knob from Danny

Homeless knobs

This one makes me really happy

Ceramic knob

Pantry knob

A whole lotta knobs

Old Timey Clock knob

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